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Trustee Services
acapacityAmy Harrington has been practicing Trusts and Estates law since 2005. In that time, she has handled hundreds of probate and trust administrations. In 2010, Amy noticed that there was a gap in service providers acting as independent fiduciaries and began taking on cases as a personal representative in probate estates and as a successor trustee in trust matters, work which she has continued to this day. Since that time, she has handled countless administrations.  She brings the unique perspective of a deep knowledge of trusts and estates law and the practical skills to ensure a smooth administration.  The responsibility of ensuring that a disabled persons needs are met during life and  carrying out wishes after death is serious. The lack of capacity or death of a loved one is often a time of deep sorry and family crisis. Amy Harrington makes every effort to treat her fiduciary clients as she would her own family. 
capacityEstate Administration often requires sale of real property, preparation of tax filings,  comprehensive financial accountings, collection of assets into the estate.  In addition to her own skills and experience, Amy Harrington has longstanding relationships with top CPAs, realtors and attorneys who ensure that estates are correctly managed.  
capacityPeople use a fiduciary to serve as the estate representative for many reasons. Sometimes there are no family members who are able or willing to act in the role. Sometimes the beneficiaries do not get along and are distrustful of each other. Sometimes the assets of the trustor are too complicated for a non-professional to manage. Sometimes they need a professional to hold the trust funds while litigation plays out.  Whatever the reason is for selecting a fiduciary, Amy Harrington’s clients can rest assured that she will protect their assets and carry out their wishes to the letter of their instructions.