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If you are concerned that a loved one is starting to lose, or has lost, their ability to look out for their own interests, and you fear that their health and estate could be in jeopardy of being mismanaged by someone else, then you need to speak with an experienced conservatorship San Francisco attorney..

There are two types of Probate Conservatorships that can be executed: Conservator of the Person and Conservator of the Estate. When Conservator of the Person is implemented, the conservator is given the legal ability to care for the conservatee’s personal matters such as their home, health and possessions such as clothing. On the other hand, a Conservator of the Estate is when the conservator is given the responsibility of managing the finances and property of the conservatee.

A conservator may be appointed when an incapacitated person:

    • is unable to manage property and business affairs; and
    • has property that will be wasted without proper management, or funds are needed to support the incapacitated person or someone entitled to support from the incapacitated person.

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