Partition Referee

Partition Referee

As an experienced civil litigator, Amy Harrington has served as a real property partition referee all across California. She understands that conflicts involving complex assets and large investments require creative solutions, and taps into years of experience and extensive knowledge of partition and real property law to deliver these solutions as she helps stakeholders navigate the partition process in CA.

How Does a California Partition Referee Help?

When disputes involving co-owners of real property and other assets emerge, solutions are often reached via mediation and other forms of negotiation. However, not every dispute lends itself to an easily reached agreement, which is where partition and partition referees come into play.

Partition is a formal division of interests carried out by the courts, one where property and other assets are divided accordingly between all involved parties. A partition referee is tasked with carrying out the duties involving this process. The specifics of these duties can vary based on the circumstances at hand, but can includes tasks such as:

  • Overseeing the sale or auction of a property
  • Appointing a real estate agent/broker
  • Signing deeds
  • Drafting and signing purchase/sale agreements

Appointing the Right Partition Referee in San Francisco

An effective partition referee is a knowledgeable third party who is able to remain neutral, a role that is usually filled by legal professional such as a litigation attorney. They understand that in-depth knowledge of receiverships, partition actions, and real property in CA is vital when carrying out a legal procedure of this scope.

When involved in a family or business dispute involving property and other types of assets in in San Francisco, you should entrust these matters to a qualified litigation attorney, someone who is equipped to represent your interests and litigate on your behalf or even act as a partition referee who can help you secure what is yours in a manner that is fair to all involved parties.

If you want to learn more about the partition process in California, and to speak with an experienced San Francisco attorney, know that you can count on Harrington Law, P.C..

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